Why asking support from GO-PME?

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Due to lack of time or expertise, you are unable to focus on your essential needs to make your activities more efficient thanks to technological breakthroughs.GO-PME supports you, independents or companies, in your digital improvement process. GO-PME provides support from the analysis step to the support of solution development.GO-PME works with you on specific projects or longer approach to define the best IT solutions and to guide its development. GO-PME is with you to see better and further together.

Functional analysis purpose

Analysis is the first step of the project which defines your expectations for improving your business processes. Functional analysis forms the essential link between operational and information technology (IT). It consists of translating business needs into IT solutions. Business analysis is still too often the missing step in many IT projects.

Business analysis & Digital strategy

The analysis steps

The analysis steps

Firstly, the analyst carries out an analysis of the existing situation, elicits your needs on the requested issues and studies possible underlying causes with you. Then, it analyses the information collected, possibly modelling your business processes, with a view to establish the required specification, a strategic roadmap, to ease search and evaluation of the best IT solutions to meet your requirements. The golden rule here is that anything that is not written down will does not exist and will be forgotten or create problems later. Finally, the business analyst supports you in the implementation and customisation of the developed or purchased solution.

What project types?

What project types?

GO-PME guides you in small and large-scale process transformations: Integration of your office tools, drafting of your offers and invoicing, management of prospects and customers (CRM), monitoring of files, project management, product catalog, dashboard and reporting, document management, accounting, website content and e-commerce, etc.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy

The digital strategy aims to improve an organisation's internal or external processes to make them more efficient, more responsive and closer to your customers. The digital strategy allows the company to become aware of the needs to change or transform itself; how to ensure that IT processes evolve with the changing needs of your business. At the center of this approach is the idea that technology must serve your business and not the other way around.

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